We are a young advertising network, but our team has long been on the market for online advertising. And we know exactly what to offer customers. Our clients receive all the necessary set of services. Online our affiliate program, you can:

  • buy thematic traffic with pay-per-(CPC);
  • place banner campaign coverage on CPM (CPM);
  • choose a convenient format for your ads (text ads, banners, teasers, clickunder / bodyclick);
  • ample opportunities to take advantage of targeting;
  • flexibly set the price;
  • generate budgets for their campaigns;

We are always ready to help you:

  • advice on setting up and optimizing your campaign;
  • targeting traffic to find the desired target audience;

We are a dynamic and developing opportunities with us our advertising network. You will not be disappointed, decided to cooperate with us.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with us

Email: support@adjet.net

Skype: adjet.support