CPC or CPM: which one to use?

There are a lot of unique industry concepts and characteristics in online advertising business. One of the basic concepts are the traffic payment schemes. The goal of this article is to show how payment schemes are used in the AdJet system and what advantages / disadvantages of each of them.


Frequency capping

In a nutshell, the frequency of hits (Frequency Capping, we will call it simply capping further) allows an advertiser to limit the number of times the ads shown each user for a certain period of time. Here is a definition given by Google AdWords:


AdJet system is open

Today, 29 September 2014, our system is open to advertisers and webmasters. All advertisers guarantee the lowest discount rates and webmasters are very low commissions. If you are interested in purchasing the system, you can sign up and use your account to familiarity with the system and its capabilities.

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