Frequently Asked Questions by publishers.

Which sites are accepted to participate in the system?

We are loyal to any sites with any theme and attendance. However, it must be granted guest access to the public statistics (liveinternet, google analytics, yandex metrika, et al.). Only in some cases we are forced to reject sites violate Terms of use for publishers.

You accept sites "adult"?

Yes. Only if they do not violate the Terms of use for publishers.

I do not want to be on my site shows ads "for adults." How to do it?

Do you have a tool to exclude certain subjects advertising. Simply unplug the category of "adult".

How often is the payment?

Payments are made once a week (Thursday or Friday).

What is the minimum amount to pay?

In achieving a balance of 50 rubles. you will be paid the amount you earned before the beginning of the week. For example, your balance is 58 rubles at the time of making payments. And until Monday you earned 37 rubles. In this case, you will be paid 37 rubles, and on balance you will have 21 rubles. Such a system of payments related to the audit of your traffic.

Through what system I get paid?

Our main system - Webmoney. An individual approach, we also pay through other payment systems. Contact support.

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