1. Requirements for sites

1.1 Accommodation for commercial hosting;

1.2 Not Allowed AdJet ads on Internet sites, the content of which includes:

  • Promotion of violence, racial or any other discrimination, propaganda against any individual, group or organization. Incitement to commit extremist acts, inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred, propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols and other prohibited to disseminate information.
  • Information about hacking computer systems and programs.
  • Insults religious feelings of believers of any faith.
  • Explicit language.
  • The text, images and other objects that violate copyrights or other rights of third parties.
  • Information on the remuneration of users for clicking on ads for viewing websites or reading emails.

1.3 Compliance with the laws in force in the territory of the physical location of the server.

1.4 Do not place the label to encourage visitors to click on ad or artificially attract attention to the ad unit and can be confusing for users (for example, the use of labels like "free", "Donation", etc. .).

1.5 You can not use special programs and other means, is initiated without the consent of the visitor:

  • Forwarding visitor to unwanted sites.
  • download a file to the user's computer.
  • The appearance of pop-ups, which the visitor can not close at will.
  • Automatic click on the ads.

1.6 The presence of the attendance statistics. Accounting for attendance should be maintained from the time of connection to the site affiliate program. Statistical processing can be carried out by an external counter or internal log analyzer. AdJet has the right to request access to the statistics of attendance for the entire period of cooperation. The minimum level of detail (but not limited to):

  • views, visitors;
  • sources of visitors;
  • internal transitions;
  • search phrases;
  • browsers.

2. Terms of ads

2.1 The site connected to one second-level domains can be used only within this domain. You can use the same site within the sub-domains of this web resource, if their content is the same (mirror site) with the content of the main domain. Otherwise, you need to register a separate area.

2.2 It is forbidden to include the code in AdJet software applications without the consent of customer support.

2.3 AdJet considers only qualitative impressions and conversions for ads that were committed by the users are really interested in the advertisement. All the means and methods of artificially increasing or otherwise changing the number of clicks or impressions from ads AdJet, is prohibited without exception. Such tools and methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Involvement of non-target visitors to a page where the ads are broadcast "AdJet".
  • Press repeatedly on the ads "AdJet" manually ("sklikivanie").
  • Partner Using special programs, services, and software tools for the automatic execution of clicks, clicks and initiate an exchange of impressions.
  • Requests appeals, or forcing users to click ("clicking") for advertising and / or implement transitions on the web resources of advertisers, who gave these ads.
  • Intentional partner abuse the users' attention to the ads via any graphic and text elements and techniques.
  • Using the Partner software and other tools for forcing the user to perform ad clicks.
  • remuneration or the promise of remuneration Partner users in one form or another for the commission of clicks and / or viewing ads.
  • Your ads while deliberately difficulty navigating the user to the partner site.
  • Accommodation Partner next to the advertisement "AdJet" inscriptions and / or images, deceptive.
  • Artificial attract partners attention to sites containing ads "AdJet", through mass emails and intrusive advertising on other sites.

2.4 Partner AdJet undertakes to replace the ad code translation service within 15 working days from the date of referral to the address provided during registration, you are prompted.

3. Requirements for ad distribution

AdJet offers a variety of formats, ad units. Partner can experiment with placing ads AdJet, if it does not violate the following set of rules:

3.1 Each ad must be published in the form in which it is broadcast service AdJet unchanged by the Partner.

3.2 Any change in the URL links in the ads is prohibited.

3.3 Accommodation code is added to the HTML-code of web pages (s) without any changes. Standard form of display ads can be changed only by using the settings specified in the interface of the Partner. Other changes not covered by the settings in the partner interface, as well as any change in the code produced by the Partner is prohibited. The exception is the customization options, published online http://adjet.net.

3.4 Each display ads on the site Partner these ads must be picked up from an address contained service AdJet (caching disabled). Navigating the cached ads are considered substandard system and are not paid.

4. Penalties

4.1 All transitions are committed to customer sites Partners, which uses one or more of those listed in paragraphs 1 - 3 of these Regulations means and methods, as well as other means of artificially increasing the number of clicks and / or impressions that are considered to be substandard.

4.2 All funds accrued partners GETTING transitions are withdrawn from the account of such partners and returned to affected customers AdJet. Not limited to set, AdJet may apply with respect to such Partner a penalty equal to the value of low-quality transitions.

4.3 Violation of the substantive provisions of this Regulation, namely the artificial increase or change in the number of transitions from ads AdJet, can lead to the prevention of violations of the right Partner and suspension of affiliate programs on the site of the Partner as well as an end to legal and closing partner's account when AdJet.

5. Calculations

5.1 Member Partner Program AdJet receives revenue from the sale of services in support of the transition to the third-party ads placed on sites Web masters;

5.2 Statistics accrual partners to support service AdJet and displayed in the interfaces of the partnership account;

5.3 The methods and rules of the payments described in the account interface, which can be accessed at: http://dashboard.adjet.net by introducing a unique user name and password of the Partner.

5.4 participants affiliate program independently calculate and pay taxes and other mandatory payments and fees associated with the payment of the participation in the partnership program AdJet.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 AdJet reserves the right to refuse to connect / block any site or affiliate account without explanation.

6.2 AdJet not responsible for undelivered e-mails due to technical problems on the Internet, non-communicating, hosting problems, anti-spam filters work and others do not depend on AdJet, reasons.

6.3 AdJet not responsible for placing ads on sites whose materials are protected by copyright, whose owners do not have the legal rights to the placement of these materials.

6.4 Partner is solely responsible for the safety of their login and password to access the service AdJet and for any losses that may occur due to unauthorized use of his username, password, and / or channel access. AdJet is not responsible and does not cover damages caused by unauthorized access by third parties to the interfaces of the partnership account.

6.5 The Partner shall not be entitled to transfer to third parties your login and password to allow access to the partner interface and other services provided by the service AdJet. All activities requiring the use of a login and password are considered the perfect partner.

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