These Terms of Service (hereinafter - "the Agreement") approved by the administration AdJet (hereinafter - the "Administration"), a site which is located on the Internet at: (hereinafter - the "Service" and "Site"), and applies to all users of the Service (hereinafter - the "Users").

Use of the Service is unconditional acceptance of the User with these Terms of Service; if you disagree with these terms and conditions The user should refrain from using the Service.

1. Basic concepts

  • Tools - service administration Adjet, its representatives and service.
  • The advertiser - the person acquiring the services of the Service.
  • Webmaster - a person who provides services to broadcast advertisements Service.
  • user - a natural person who uses the service site.
  • Visitor - a physical person using webmasters for their own purposes.
  • Click - to make a transition to promotional materials.
  • Show - Broadcast ad users online Webmasters.
  • Advertising platform - an online resource (website), which has its own content and address.
  • Advertising site - an online resource advertiser to which a transition.
  • promotion page - a special page advertising the site on which a user is traversed promotional material.
  • content - site content.
  • Promotional Code - program code that provides display ad.
  • Cheat - intentional or artificial (often software) increase the number of impressions and / or clicks.
  • ID - the unique identifier of an advertising platform in the services database.

2. Subject of the Agreement

This agreement governs the relationship between webmasters, services and advertisers. Webmaster puts advertising code of the Service to broadcast advertisements advertisers. If users perform the necessary actions (clicks), Advertiser shall pay the Service established a reward. After deduction of commission, service fee lists Webmaster.

3. The rights and obligations of the parties

3.1 The service has the right to:

  • to collect personal information about users of the Service under the Privacy Policy, the information provided Service;
  • to suspend the provision of services or restrict your access to the Service users who violate the terms of this agreement;
  • to register for violations of this agreement and provide access to it to third parties;
  • to block the offending account of this agreement without the payment of money earned;
  • to request access to an independent accounting system of the present site statistics User Service;
  • refuse the User in explaining his reasons for blocking the account;
  • refuse the User to provide any information without the proper disposal of the competent authorities;
  • change or amend this Agreement without notice;
  • to audit the use of promotional materials on the sites Web masters;
  • to use its own resources for the production of promotional materials, using arts and visual elements of advertising the advertiser's site;
  • to broadcast their own promotional materials, guided by the general principles of advertising campaigns as part of the Service;

3.2 Service shall:

  • provide users seamless access to the service site 24/7;
  • timely payment of remuneration Webmasters, according to the internal regulations of the Service;
  • to provide the services of broadcasting advertisements advertisers on Internet resources Webmasters and attract visitors to the resources of the Advertiser;
  • timely bill the Advertiser to pay the Service;
  • to make all sorts of arrangements for analyzing the quality of traffic, search unscrupulous webmasters and blocking;
  • to update and expand the technical capabilities of the Service and its functionality;
  • to respond to messages and alerts users of the internal regulations of the Service;

3.3 Advertiser has the right to:

  • require changing personal manager (required to provide a reasoned request in writing);
  • to require the provision of information about the sources of traffic (data on them are limited ID);
  • block unwanted traffic sources;
  • to provide a service for broadcasting advertisements on their sites webmasters in a campaign the Advertiser;
  • to exercise control over the use of promotional materials as part of its advertising campaign;

3.4 The advertiser agrees to:

  • contain the content of the advertised material in accordance with the requirements of the Service;
  • in full, on time and without delay to pay for services received the Service according to the statistics of the Service;
  • not to use a variety of technical means to deceive the visitors: the substitution of references, content, placement of malware etc.;

3.5 The webmaster has the right to:

  • to apply for funds earned in the plan, or a matter of urgency, in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service;
  • to require information on rejecting or blocking traffic source;
  • apply for rehabilitation blocked traffic source;
  • stop using the Service unilaterally by notifying the representative of the Service;

3.6 Webmaster undertakes:

  • contain content advertising site in accordance with the requirements of the Service;
  • did not make any changes to the promotional codes Service;
  • not to use technical means to cheat the Service;
  • encourage or urge a user clicks on advertisements, or perform any other action in respect of advertisements Service;
  • to inform the service of all technical issues related to access to the advertising platform;
  • not to create a system of more than 1 account. In case of linked accounts, the Administration Service the right to block any duplicates without payment of money earned;

4. Terms of payment

4.1 Advertisers agree to pay for services on time and in full;

4.2 The resulting services can be paid only by advance payment (cash deposit balance in your account);

5. Conditions Refund

Funds deposited into the personal account balance, in full or partial non-refundable.

6. Responsibility of the parties

In the case of placement and use of the information, the distribution of which is restricted or prohibited by federal law, a violation of copyright or otherwise protect the legitimate rights, the full responsibility for its publication carries user

7. Disclaimer

7.1 Service is not responsible for the discrepancy between the expected and the actual results User services.

7.2 In all the calculations with the users of the service is derived solely from its own statistics. Indications of independent third-party services may not be in dispute.

7.3 Tools produces basic checks all accepted advertising sites for compliance with the requirements of the Service and the absence of a threat to visitors. It uses the available means of verification: antivirus programs, public databases, manual check etc. In spite of this service can not fully guarantee the protection of end-users with advertisers misconduct, ie responsibility for their own security, each user is personally.

7.4 In the event of force majeure (natural disasters, acts of war, and so on.) from the Service removed the duties specified in paragraph 3.2.

8. Time and conditions of the Agreement

8.1 This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of authorization of the user at the service site and extends indefinitely.

8.2 The Administration has the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement without prior notice to users of the service.

8.3 The current version of the Agreement at the following address: User Agreement

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